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Commodore CD32 (? - ?)

The Commodore CD32 is a CD-ROM console based on Amiga technology. There are only a few adventures (but some hundred other games) available for it, but they are not straight Amiga ports, because they have to be adapted for a non-keyboard, non-floppy, non-harddisk console, and they run on CD only and so forth. Not all CD32 titles work on an Amiga with CD-ROM. The CD32 looks somewhat like a black Playstation. It probably had improved versions of the AGA chips from the Amiga 1200.

The Commodore CDTV is also included in this category. A CDTV is approximately a normal Amiga with a CD-ROM drive mounted in a special box making it look somewhat like a CD player. It was controlled with a special IR control but both an IR mouse and an IR keyboard were available as add-ons. The CD32 could run software for the CDTV but not the other way around.

There are 10 games listed for Commodore CD32 in this list.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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