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[Sweden]SophistiChaos Game Design

SophistiChaos Game Design can be reached through Hans Persson or Dominik Zemmler.

The Cyberventure Trilogy

A (projected) trilogy of cyberpunk science fiction games, currently about half finished.

  • Enhanced

    Text only Written 1993 by Hans Persson and Dominik Zemmler in TADS.
    Runs on:
    Notes: Shareware ($10), available at ftp.gmd.de. The registered version includes a 12-page hint booklet and complete source code (TADS 2.1).

    Package blurb:

    The first part of the Cyberventure trilogy (soon to be followed by Sensorer and Icebreaker).

    Enhanced is a science fiction text adventure set in a cyberpunk environment, complete with your first opportunity to experience cyberspace.

    As Enhanced begins, you are trying to survive yet another day in the big city with no money, no job and no hope. Walking down the street in the government research project area, you suddenly see a sign that you haven't seen before.

    "Volunteers needed for military research project!

    Do you want to make money? Do you want to help your country? Can you start at once?

    No special skills needed. Enter here."

    Since you think that all of the items on the list fit you perfectly, especially the part about needing money, you enter the door indicated on the sign and sign up to be a research subject.

    You have to fill out and sign a multitude of forms, asking you about all sorts of things from what grades you had in school to if you have any friends or relatives who know where you are. Once you finish all the boring paperwork you are lead through a lot of white-painted corridors, all alike. Finally, you emerge in what looks like a surgery. You are made to lie down on an operating table where you are tied down and covered with green cloth. You see a plastic mouthpiece being lowered down over your mouth and you feel yourself floating away...

    When you come to, you find that some things about you have changed. You also find that the people doing the research seem to regard you as some kind of prototype, not a human being. Perhaps it would be good for your health if you could get out of this mess...

  • Sensorer

    Text only Written by Hans Persson and Dominik Zemmler in TADS.
    Runs on:
    Notes: Currently under development.

  • Icebreaker

    Text only
    Notes: Planned.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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