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[U. S. A.]MicroProse

They are mainly known for their simulations. They are currently owned by Hasbro Interactive.

They distribute Magnetic Scrolls and Legend Entertainment Company.

Return of the Phantom

Runs on:


Runs on:
Notes: This was done by the same programmers as Return of the Phantom.


Written 1994?.
Runs on:

Comments: A futuristic mix of vampires and cyberspace. A role-playing adventure of high quality.

Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender

Runs on:
Notes: Included in the package is a mood-enhancing, background-setting booklet written by Steve Meretzky which contains Rex Nebular's log-entries from some time back.

Comments: Rather similar to Space Quest.


Pirates! Gold

Written 1990.
Notes: Updated version of their classic adventure/strategy game Pirates.

Dark Earth

Written 1997 by Kalisto Entertainment.
Runs on:

Comments: You play a warrior in a culture set far after nuclear war. You are infected by a virus that is slowly eating away at you while you attempt to save yourself and the world.

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