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Token of Ghall

Character graphics Written 1983 by G. M. Elton [writing] and Richard Paul Jones [production].
Runs on:

Comments: A truly awful game.

Package blurb:

It was not a night to be abroad.

Lighting silhouetted the trees, freezing them momentarily into looming, clutching ghouls -- the wind twisting their grasping limbs and moaning through the grass.

The traveller pulled his cloak tighter around him as he sheltered in the lee of an overhanging rock, hunched over a cold, spluttering fire. It was not a night to be abroad.

With the night screaming around him, the traveller settled on his haunches and mulled over the old crone's tale.

The night before had been much different spent as it was at a roadside tavern. There, for a few coppers he had joined a small company of fellow travellers in a mug of hot wine and a welcome bowl of gruel. One of the travellers, a bent old crone, had no money to pay, but the landlord was loth to turn her away.

One of the party called for a story and the old crone gladly obliged in return for her board.

They settled around the hearth, their bellies and their pipes full as the old woman began to talk...

The traveller shivvered [sic!] as he recalled her story -- then, in a warm room full of companions, merely a tale -- but now, alone on a wild night, not to be taken so lightly.

Her story was of a time long past, or was it still to come? The crone would not be certain. It seems that at that time the land through which he was now travelling had been ruled by a great and good king -- Ghall. His rule was just and the land flourished.

There came a time when jealous eyes were turned upon his kingdom -- jealous, covetous and evil eyes.

From the mountains in the north came the invader -- evil swarms of ill formed beings -- Devils, Demons and cavorting Imps all led by their dark Lord Ctullho.

King Ghall and all his forces went against this horde, but mere courage and force of arms were no match for the evil magic of Ctullho and his band.

Fighting a desperate rearguard action, Ghall retreated to the caves in the western borders. There he invoked the aid of Ghunlhi -- long dead warrior hero, entombed in the marshes to the east.

Together the spirit of Ghunlhi and the hands of Ghall fashioned a Token of mystical aspect and instilled within it all that was good in the land -- the spirit and soul of the kingdom.

Ghall then went forth from the caves in order to hide the Token where Ctullho would never find it, and pray that sometime it would be recovered by a warrior with the bravery and cunning to restore it to the kingdom, and vanquish the evil Ctullho.

Leaving the caves, Ghall's only daugther was enmeshed in an evil web of magic and imprisoned within the form of an animal. Not long after, Ghall himself was captured, but not before he had safely hidden the Token.

Though he was taken to the Castle of Shades and tortured, he never revealed the form or the whereabouts of the Token.

To this day, Ctullho keeps his head as a trophy.

The old crone had cackled with laughter as she stood and pointed at each one of them in turn, "who will recover the Token? ...will you? ...or you?". Her finger rested on the traveller, "Or you?".

The traveller remembered the look in her eyes as they bored into his. Was it the wine that made him stand and shout "Aye!"? If it was, it had now worn off.

Here in the wilderness he had come to find a Token he was not sure existed and which he would not recognise if he saw it. Here in the wilderness, amid unknown terrors, he had come, alone.

It was not a night to be abroad.

Comes the morning, traveller, what will you do?

Heroes of Karn

Bitmap graphics/Music Written 1983 by Ian Gray, Tony Greer [Spectrum graphics], Chris Cox [music], Richard Paul Jones [production] and David M. Banner in Basic (mostly).
Runs on:

Comments: Your task is to rescue four heroes that are caught under different spells. This game probably has the slowest graphics of any adventure game on the Commodore 64 (they're quite fast on the Spectrum) - some take around one and a half minute to draw. The game also has other characters to interact with, but they can only do two or three things each!

Package blurb:

In the hall of His Majesty Callastheon, Emperor of the Seven Lands, Lord of Karn, the feasting was over. On fur-draped benches around the roaring fire, the nobles of Karn awaited the entertainers.

Daeron the Wise, minstrel of Karn, walked slowly across the hall. Today, Karn was the hub of a rich and mighty empire, but, Callastheon recalled, it had not always been so. For long ago, in the days before the Cyrennic dynasty came to power, the forces of good and evil fought in Karn, and the deeds of that time were still remembered at the Feast of the Midwinter Moon.

Daeron entered the firelight, and began his tale -- a tale of deeds great and terrible, of battle and victory, conquest and defeat -- the story of the Heroes of Karn.

`Your Majesty, my Lords, citizens of Karn.'

`Long ago, in the reign of Beren, last of the Mountain Kings of Karn, there came from the distant north a horde of fell creatures, borne on the wings of Darkness. Dragons there were, and Vampires, and weavers of Enchantment, and nameless things from the deep places of the world. They swept down as a dark gale upon the Halls of the Mountain King, and terrible was the slaughter of men. From the Gates of Karn escaped but those few of greatest might. Four was their number, and these were their names:

`Beren the mighty, last king of Karn, master of all birds, swordsman unsurpassed.

`Istar the Wise, lore-master of great wisdom and still greater powers of magic.

`Haldir the Elf-lord, from the northern woods, greatest of minstrels.

`Khadim the Dwarf, carver of stone, of small stature, yet great in renown.

`These then were the Heroes of Karn, and mighty they were. Yet not mighty enough, for one by one they fell, captives bound with iron and stone and magic spell. And Darkness fell on the land. Darkness unbroken -- until one day there came to Karn a Stranger, from a strange land where men could fly, and machines could think. And the Stranger went forth into the wilderness, and fought with the Powers of Night, and released the Heroes, and with them removed the Shadow from the land of Karn for ever. Then the Stranger departed, and none know to where.

`Nor do any know with certainty how he found the Heroes, for they would not tell. Thus, the tale I now unfold may be fact or legend -- who knows? Only the Stranger -- and he is gone.'

The Halls of Callastheon are dust and ruins. Daeron passed long ago to the halls of his ancestors, and even the legend he once told is forgotten. Who knows the true story of the Heroes of Karn? Only the Stranger -- wherever he may be.

Jewels of Babylon

Bitmap graphics/Music Written 1984 by David M. Banner [writing], Terry Greer [graphics] and Richard Paul Jones [production].
Runs on:

Package blurb:

3000 years ago, before the Christian era, a fabulous treasure was created by master craftsmen in the old city of Babylon. Such was the beauty of this collection, many men died to obtain possession of them. The collection was known as the Jewels of Babylon.

At the end of the 19th century the jewels were in English hands. In a great gesture of friendship, Queen Victoria intended to give them as a wedding gift to an Indian Princess. On route from West Africa, the ship carrying the jewels was attacked by pirates who took them and left the crew for dead.

You are the sole survivor of the attack. After recovering from your wounds, you vow to reclaim the jewels. After much searching, you have located the pirate base on a remote island. Your objective is to search the island, find the jewels and return with them to your ship. Many dangers await you on the island, be wary.

Forest at the World's End

Graphics Written 1984 by David M. Banner [writing], Terry Greer [graphics], Richard Paul Jones [production] and J.A. Banner.
Runs on:

Comments: Rescue the princess from the evil wizard.

Package blurb:

In the continous battling between the forces of Light and Darkness, the Princess, Mara has been captured by the evil Wizard, Zarn. In a sneak attack on the palace, his henchmen abducted her and have taken her to the Wizard's strong hold, deep within the Forest at World's End.

Mara's father, the King, has called upon the forces of Light for assistance. In response to his plea, you, the mightiest of the ancient warriors, have been resurrected. You materialise in the Great Valley at the edge of the terrible Forest from which no one has ever returned alive.

Your objective is to locate and rescue the Princess and return, with her, to the Great Valley. Little help can be given as there are no maps in existence, but the forces of Light have sent other messengers to help you. Be wary; the dangers are great. Many foes await you in the Forest at World's End.

Empire of Karn

Bitmap graphics/Music Written 1985 by Ian Gray.
Runs on:
Notes: Sequel to Heroes of Karn. A third game in the series was planned, but apparently was never finished. The game has some very primitive NPCs which can only perform one or two actions each.

After Shock

Text only Written 1986 by David M. Banner and Terry Greer.
Runs on:

Crystals of Carus

Written by Richard Dawson, Claire Challis [graphics] and Tom Gibson [music].
Runs on:

Notes: This game was a kind of followup to Heroes of Karn and Empire of Karn.

Comments: Pretty good.

Message from Andromeda

Graphics Written 1986 by David M. Banner and J.A. Banner.
Runs on:
Notes: Only a few locations had graphics.

Comments: A science fiction adventure of the same type as Jewels of Babylon and Forest at the World's End.


Graphics Written 1987.
Runs on:

Sword of Kings

Graphics Written 1987.
Runs on:


Written 1985 by David M. Banner and Terry Greer.
Runs on:

The Zacaron Mystery

Text only Written 1986 by Ben Hall and Jonathan Nicholson.
Runs on:
Notes: Later re-released by Players Premier Software.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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