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[France]Delphine Software

They used a system called Cinematique. They also made a large number of action games.

They are or have been distributed by Sony Electronic Publishing.

Les Voyageurs du Temps / Future Wars - Time Travellers

Moving character graphics/Point-n-Click/Music Written 1989 by Paul Cuisset.
Runs on:
Notes: A CD-rom version of this came out and was distributed by Sony Electronic Publishing. The CD-rom had all the music in the game placed on to the CD (that could be listened to like an audio CD).

Is this the same game as under Interplay Productions?

Comments: Our hero, a simple window washer, suddenly finds himself running around in the Middle Ages and thousands of years into the future, trying to stop two races travelling through time in order to kill each other (and, of course, he has to save the king's daughter, too!). A few arcade sequences.

Package blurb:

He Resides In The Present... He Has Lived In The Past... And He Must Travel Into The Future...

There, he will come face-to-face with the ultimate threat to mankind ... alien beings, with a power great enough to spin a web of deceit and treachery that spans the centuries.

Mankind's future depends upon your abilities to crisscross through time, solve intriguing puzzles, successfully combat a wide assortment of mutant monsters and alien storm troopers, and still have time to preform a miraculous rescue of two.

So step into the time machine and experience the adventure of several lifetimes.

* Best Adventure Game - Enchanted Realms Magazine

* Winner of the Best French Adventure Game award from "TILT" magazine

* Winner of the Best French Adventure Game award from "Generation 4" magazine

* Full animation

* Eye-cratching graphics

* Easy to use point-and-click interface

* Pop-up text and command windows

Operation Stealth / Ye Stealth Affair

Moving character graphics/Point-n-Click/Music Written 1990 by Paul Cuisset and P. Chastel.
Runs on:
  • Amiga
  • PC [Available in both a 16- and a 256-color version. The 256-color version came with an audio CD of the game's theme.]

Notes: Released in the US as Ye Stealth Affair.

Comments: Secret agent goes to small South American country to locate a new hi-tech plane which has been stolen. Some (annoying) arcade sequences.

Cruise for a Corpse

Moving character graphics/Point-n-Click/Music Written 1991.
Runs on:

Comments: Agatha Christie-type murder mystery set on a cruise ship in the 1920's that has people dropping dead all over the place while the player has to be at the right place at the right time to watch things happen and to question the passengers, before they are killed. It's extremely linear, sometimes very hard and repetitive, but the plot is solid and very good.


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