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Cryo Interactive

They were earlier called Exxos.

Cryo Interactive has a homepage at http://www.cryo-interactive.com/.

For more information, see Exxos.

Atlantis: The Lost Tales

Written 1997.
Notes: Also available on DVD.

Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore 2

Written 1997.
Notes: This games comes on three CDs.


Notes: Comes on one CD.

Treasure Hunter

Notes: Available in both English and French.


Written 1998.
Notes: Based on Wagner's opera The Ring of the Nibelungen. It comes on six CDs. Available in English, French, and Greek (only subtitles).

Lost Eden

Egypt 1156 B. C.: Tomb of the Pharaoh

Written 1998.
Notes: Available in English, French, Greek.

KGB / Conspiracy

Runs on:
Notes: The CD version is called Conspiracy and features a new hint system, interlaced video, and stars Donald Sutherland.

The Forbidden City

Written 1998.

Versailles 1685

Written 1997.


Written 1999.

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