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[U. S. A.]Cognetics Corporation

They are now a usability consulting and user interface design company.

Cognetics Corporation has a homepage at http://www.cognetics.com/.

They are or have been distributed by Electronic Arts.


Text only Written 1983-1986 by Thomas M. Disch [story] and Kevin Bentley [programming] in KingEdward.
Runs on:
Notes: Featured a man dressed in a white tuxedo replete with top hat standing in Times Square on the cover. It also included a complete and accurate subway map of the New York City Subway System. The Commodore 64 version came on two disks. The game was huge.

The game comes with a "X-Street Indexer" wheel to find the nearest cross street. You first align the avenue name on the inner wheel with the street on the outer wheel, then the small window in the inner wheel shows the nearest cross street.

Comments: Your character awakens in a hotel room, naked and aching. You must endeavor to reclaim your identity, figure out why you're a wanted man, and set the record straight.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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