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[Switzerland]Blue Line Studios

They are located at Fuerstensteinerst 47, CH 4053 Basel, Switzerland, Phone ++41 61 331 2822, Fax ++41 61 331 2822. The company was founded in 1994.

Blue Line Studios has a homepage at http://www.blueline-studios.com/.

Blue Line Studios can be reached through studio@blueline-studios.com.

The Castle

3D/Sound/Music/Point-n-Click Written 1998.
Runs on:

Package blurb:

When Noemi suddenly finds herself in a dreamlike world, and two men from her past unexpectedly appear, she would never have thought it would all soon turn into a nightmare.

As the three people explore the enigmatic castle world in which they are trapped, they encounter an oracle. Its predictions seem to become fulfilled every time.

But really every time?

And when one of the men suddenly disappears, it is the beginning of great passion -- and an evil plot. A plot you can unravel if you put together Noemi's destroyed diary, solve strange puzzles, find hidden secret passages, and -- remember -- prepare to confront the evil before it's too late...

The game consists of over 1,200 crisp 3D-pictures in 16-bit color depth, animation sequences, environment sounds, and background music. It features an intuitive point-and-click interface. The game is the product of nearly two years of development.

Players explore the 3D surroundings in quest of the scattered pages of a mysterious diary, getting more and more involved in the story about three people being trapped in an enigmatic world. As the plot gradually unravels, players become aware of having taken on an active role.

"We've built an entire 3D world up to the tiniest detail", Dan C. Kueng, president of Blue Line Studios, said. "We want to make you feel as if you are really there." Extreme effort was put into ever so small details. The diary for example, a vital point in the game play, is entirely written by hand.

"It would have been so much easier to have used a typeface for the diary", Mary, general assistant and alpha tester, said, "but now, Noemi's diary looks very authentic. It has that certain touch. We love it!"

Two CPUs were setup for the 3D rendering that took place in batch mode, running around the clock. Still, the 3D processing stage took well over 16,000 hours. Another important part was the programming. The game keeps track of the players' position and changes. Partially it features AI (artificial intelligence).

"We were never satisfied with the result, and kept doing every little thing over and over! At times we thought we'd never ever get this thing finished, but now we are certain that it has been worth it," Dan said. "It was great fun to develop THE CASTLE, and the game has turned out to be all we hoped for!"

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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