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Angelsoft, Inc

They are or have been distributed by Mindscape, Inc.

James Bond 007 in: A View to a Kill

Written 1985.
Runs on:

Notes: Based on the screenplay A View to A Kill.

Package blurb:

All the elegance and daring of James Bond's finest adventures.

Stephen King's The Mist

Text only Written 1985.
Runs on:
Notes: Based on the Stephen King novella "The Mist". Comes in folder with "An Introduction to Interactive Fiction" Manual, reference card, Poster/Map by Michael Fisher/The Garden Studio and disk.

Package blurb:

Another Saturday. Another stop at the market. And another wait in the checkout line. Until a shadow descends and someone shouts: "The fog! You oughta see it!" And you do: a mist advancing toward Federal Foods, engulfing the blue sky, the familiar landmarks of Bridgton, and ... all thee people in its path. Your typical Saturday has just ended.

Mindscape makes YOU the central character in Stephan King's classic tale of horror. YOU control the action as you desperately fight the hideous things in the Mist and try to uncover what the Arrowhead Project really was. Crazy Mrs. Carmody might be right: this COULD be the end.

Enter Stephen King's world of terror - if you dare - and discover that the nightmare is just the beginning...

Stephen King's own brand of terror that only the fearless can survive.

Forbidden Castle

Written 1985 by Mercer Mayer.
Runs on:

Package blurb:

It takes more than courage to reach the forbidden castle and save the princess.

Voodoo Island

Written 1985 by M. J. Sayer.
Runs on:

Package blurb:

Discover and destroy the source of evil - before it destroys you!

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Runs on:

James Bond 007 in: Goldfinger

Indiana Jones in: Revenge of the Ancients

Runs on:

Dick Francis: High Stakes

Runs on:

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