Seasons Greetings from Master Zap!
NEW: Beat Symphony makes Christmas VIDEO!!
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The Beat Symphony Xmas VIDEO!

Merry Christmas from Master Zap!

Merry Christmas weary net-traveller! Welcome to my Xmas-domain! This page will be continously updated througout the holidays with new exciting stuff.

Now, be prepared for some exciting XMAS MUSIC in a wild Techno-trance beat! Without further ado, here you can listen to it in several formats:

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(DAM CD "X-MAS SPECIAL" puchased online from MP3.COM, 14 tracks, including this song, an X-mas mix of "Get Ready 4 da Master", and a 17 minute space trance mix including "SpaceDream", "One Small Step" and many many other neat Master Zap tracks)

The Chistmas Mix (which is named "Ravin' Santa's (Techno Xmas 2000)") is an instrumental techno/trance/jungle/reggea/whatever kind of mix of several christmas songs, some international, several Swedish ("Deck the Halls", "Jingle Bells", "Hej Tomtegubbar", "O Helga Natt", "Rudolf the red-nosed Raindeer", "Tusen Juleljus"). The music is 100% produced in my garage studio (click for info) and is of that same old "Master Zap" quality.

To hear more of my music why not try my MP3.COM page, or just go to the main page and prowl around this huge 300+ meg site!

If you like the music, why not consider checking out my CD's? (click for info), which you can order online if you wield a credit card. By doing this, you are giving both me and you a christmas present! I get a CD order, and you get a CD (although I can't promise pre-christmas delivery!!)

You can also download my special animated Xmas-greeting (for Windows only). Enjoy it. Share it with your friends!!

God Jul / Merry Xmas!

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The fine print
Feel free to play "Ravin' Santas" on the Radio, and if your radio station must report their airplay to a copyright organisation, the song name is "Ravin' Santas" and the artist is "Master Zap", with the real name "Håkan Andersson", sorting under the Swedish copyright organisation STIM. The songs in Ravin' Santas are written by Håkan "Zap" Andersson, James Pierpont ("Jingle Bells"), John D. Marks/Warner Chapel Music ("Rudolf the Red-nosed Raindeer"), Adam Adolphe ("O Helga Natt") and Emmy Köhler ("Tusen Juleljus").

You may download the song for personal use, and airplay, discoteque play, or whatever, but you may not sell, copy or replicate a recording of the music.

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