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Hello there, music lovers and Master Zap software users! It's that time again.....


Check http://www.master-zap.com/cd/ or
http://www.lysator.liu.se/~zap/cd/ for details!

Hi This is HÃ¥kan "Zap" Andersson (known as net musician "Master Zap", and as the software geek who wrote "Stomper" and "Little Drummer Boy (LDB)") Newsletter #1/99. Check the online version at http://www.master-zap.com/newsletter/1-99.html

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A LOT of things has happened since the last newsletter (which is my fault since I send them so infrequently)


MP3.COM is the premier independent music site on the internet. Basically, it's HUGE. I was one of the first ever to join up way-back-when, and I have been doing pretty well. My tracks has been hovering around the high end of the charts.

However, the more the merrier, so PLEASE all my music lovers and friends, go to http://mp3.com/zap/ and download music, today, every day, all day. You'll love it! (And you will help me to higher chart position, and I'll love y'all forever for that!!)

You can also buy my brand spanking NEW CD "Moster Beats" exclusively from mp3.com - more details below.


Aside from the vocal-less and beat oriented techno/electronic music you all know I do, I have always had a special love to a good old pop song, you know, verse, chorus, bridge, actual lyrics, some memorable hooks, whatnot. I made a bucket of such back in the late 80's, but it always fell apart due to my lack of vocal skills. So in the last decade most of my music has been sample-based if any voices at all has been used. UNTIL NOW.

Using the marvels of mp3 technology, I have teamed up with singer, actor and producer Michael W. Gilboe, producer of Jumalatar, famous mp3.com dance act. Basically, I make the music, he writes melodies, lyrics, and sings.

The band is called "Beat Symphony" and you can listen to them at http://mp3.com/beatsymphony. The music is a mix between pure pop, Techno-influenced beats, and harmonies stolen from classical baroque music. Sort of ABBA and Mozart with a drum machine.... All comes together by sending mp3 files across the net. We have a band together - yet we never met in real life, or even talked to eachother on the phone. Amazing, huh?

Our song "Anyplace But Here (The Star Wars Song)" has been climbing the mp3.com charts and is just A FEW INCHES from getting into the Top 40!! So please, give that song a few downloads by going to http://mp3.com/beatsymphony and grabbing it. It would help is make a chart killing and on to fame and fortune. We hope :-)

You can also buy the Beat Symphony CD "Rocket Science" from the very same page.


Apart from being at mp3.com, Master Zap and Beat Symphony also is at amp3.com at the following adresses: Now AMP3.COM is different in that they PAY THE ARTIST (thats ME) per download. BUT NOT ONLY THAT, the MILLIONTH downloader will win $10,000 in cash! AND the band BEING DOWNLOADED by the MILLIONTH DOWNLOADER will ALSO win $10,000 in cash! So off you go to AMP3.COM and download - YOU MIGHT WIN!!


You all know that my web adress is:


REMEMBER THAT ADRESS! Tatoo it on the insides of your eyelids!. Some of you might remember the ZAP.BASE.ORG and STOMPER.BASE.ORG adresses. Unfortunately, the BASE.ORG domain is now officially DEAD, and they do NOT work. If you have ANY LINKS on your websites poingint to my site in ANY OTHER WAY, PLEASE update it to use "Master-Zap.com"!! Mpte that:


For more deatailed info on the CD's, w. cover pictures and more track clips, go to the master zap CD page at:


-- NEW CD: "Monster Beats" [mp3.com/zap]

The demand for new music from me has been overwhelming. Therefore I present to thee the CD "Monster Beats", a collection of all recent tracks my Master Zap, for you, my loyal 'net fans. The CD contains "GruuveMeister", my mega-monster-hit track which has been played on radio, been Song-Of-The-Day at mp3.com and pick hit GOLD at AMP3.COM, and whatnot... just grab it, you'll like it!!

The CD is an mp3.com "DAM CD" which means you order it from mp3.com, and they make the CD, create the cover, and mail to you. It also includes a multimedia presentation plus mp3 file versions of all tracks - Really slick. The price is only $7.99

-- NEW CD: "Rocket Science" [mp3.com/beatsymphony]

Rocket Science is a collection of all the completed (and a few more) Beat Symphony tracks. It actually contains some "un finished" versions of a few of the newer Beat Symphony tracks. THIS MEANS IT COULD BE A COLLECTORS ITEM if we ever become insanely famous. So grab your copy of Rocket Science now, at http://mp3.com/beatsymphony/ it's only $7.99

-- CD: "The Curvature of Space" [NEW LOW PRICE]

Those of you who are new to this list, might or might not know about my debut CD, called "The Curvature of Space". This CD is a combined Audio CD and a CD-ROM with information, software, and bonus tracks (all in all containing over two hours of music)! There is less than 50(!) copies left, so if you want to be part of music history, and own one, you might consider acting NOW!! NOW WITH A NEW LOW PRICE!

Check http://master-zap.com/cd/ for details!


So what else is new? Well, I've been getting some press lately, partly because of being on of the spearheads in this whole mp3 shabang, and being a "famous" (duh) net musician. Several local papers has written about me, and a bunch of eZines too.

Also I entered the "Swedish Masters of Remix" competition this year too. Made a pretty cool remix that you can grab here:

For some obscene reason I did not win :-) but they were interested enough to want to hear more of my material for future work. Let's see where that leads us.

Several other labels have been in contact with me but really nothing concrete has come out of it. I've also been asked to hold a few seminars on using mp3's and the net to promote ones music.

Oh, for those into the personal bit, I've got Yet Another Child, Oliver. Thats makes 3 of 'em. That's why you havn't been hearing so much from me lately :-)

Any further pesonal details can be found on my webpage, under the "About Zap" tab... for the curious....


To make a long story short - my drum loop creation software "Little Drummer Boy" can be downloaded from http://www.Master-Zap.com/ldb/. It's ShareWare with $16.50 registration fee, but this beta version has a reduced $12 pricetag.

"Little Drummer Boy" (or "LDB" for short) sequences Stomper drumsounds and WAV files into loops, adding effects like distorsion, resonant filters, and envelopes to the sounds.

A 32 bit version is being worked on, but this will take quite some time to get done.


A couple of musical friends on the web:


Naturally, I want to have my music reviewed and played in as many magazines and radio/TV channels as technically possible. Therefore, if you write for a publication, DJ at venus or on the air, drop me an email at zap@master-zap.com and tell me about yourself, the magazine, eZine, webZine e.t.c. you write for, or where you spin disks as a DJ, and we will try to arrange a free promo kit to come your way! Please indicate if your main interest "Master Zap" or "Beat Symphony" material.


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Thank you for reading this far. It's always a pain to send these newsletters, because you never know how they will be received. Will my listees hate me forever for sending them stuff? I never know, and I am always in panic when I press send...

To end this, please stop by http://mp3.com/zap and download away, and try to get "Anyplace" up the charts by getting it at http://mp3.com/beatsymphony. I will be very happy if you do this for me, and if you would consider shelling out a few hard earned bucks so a hardworking garage musician gets some CD sales..... I'll be like REALLY happy.


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