Older Music by Zap in IWAVE and RealAudio format!

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With the growing popularity of the Internet, I finally see a way to share my music with the world. I've approached a few record companies with my stuff, and the reply has always been the standard "we're sorry but" letter. I think it's wierd, because I think some of my stuff is great. But what do I know? I'm just a hobbyist...right? If you know any record company willing to distribute this kind of music, let them know about this site!
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At the moment the following tunes are available:

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"The Naked Truth"
(be warned, contains nudity!)

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Brief description: A hip-hop-ish tune composed of samples from...eh...."nature films"?
Comment: Recommended, if you can handle the nudity!!
The 128kbit RA stereo version is quite an experience, and worth the 2.2 meg download!
Available formats: Internet Wave (3:41)
RealAudio (3:41)

"Funkey Record"

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Brief description: A straigther hip-hop'ish tune, where all the "rap" is stolen from an 80's TV show, and a few other places! I.e. none of the "rappers" in this tune has the faintest clue they are in the tune at all - especially since one of the rappers is Muhammed Ali!!
Comment: If you like rap-ish hip hop, this is for you!
Available formats: Internet Wave (3:19)


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Brief description: Techno at it's most powerful best <g>! Contains the famous "there can be only one" sample from the movie "Highlander", thus the name.

Many of the sounds are generated on a Yamaha SY77 Workstation synth.

Comment: If you like beating drums, strange sounds and orchestral bangs, this is for you. It has a jazz-ish riff near the end!
Available formats: Internet Wave (5:00)


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