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The AHI home page

NOTE: This is not the current site!

This is an archived site, kept for reference and, er, historical interest. The current site is here.

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User information

Even if this page is mainly for developers who are using the AHI audio system in their own products, a short introduction of AHI may be appropriate.

[AHI compatible logo] AHI is for sound cards what CyberGraphX is for graphic cards. A common way of talking to sound cards, and even the internal audio chip (Paula), makes it possible for programmers to make their music and audio programs work with all supported sound cards - without even owning one. Furthermore, special features of more advanced sound cards (like DSP and effect chips) will automatically be used by AHI applications. The system is designed to be easy to use, fast, efficient and future safe.

AHI User's Guide is available on-line, if you're interested.

Currently supported sound hardware

Planned support or in works

Reporting bugs

Just telling me that AHI crashes won't help. I need to know what you do to make it crash, if it is repeatable or random, what system you use, what patches you haev running, if it still crashes after a clean boot etc. I will also need Segtracker, Enforcer and Mungwall log files. If you don't have these tools, you can download them right here. Instructions are inside the archive. You'll need a CPU with a working MMU to use it.

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