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 The AHI home page

NOTE: This is not the current site!

This is an archived site, kept for reference and, er, historical interest. The current site is here.

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Developer information

For a more technical description of AHI, please read the ahidev.readme file or the AHI Developers's Guide. You can also have a quick look at the device and driver functions in the autodocs. Comments are welcome! Write me!

What people has said about AHI version 4

AHI is the first retargetable system that support almost all cards, as well as the native hardware. Now programmers and users no longer need to worry about anything, except the music and sounds.
- Roger Hågensen / Msi Software

The first time I heard about AHI was from the news group. Then I downloaded the user and developer package from Martin's homepage and played with it at home. I was very impressed. The first thing which come into my mind was: "This would be the new audio standard" and look how it's going now :). I started immediately to make a NotePlayer to APlayer with AHI and it took me only a few days before the first version was finished.
If I have some problems or bug reports, I contacted Martin and he is very helpful. Thanks for all your help :)

- Thomas Neumann / The APlayer-Team

AHI is the greatest thing since sliced toast, finally our DraCo is no longer a mute! When people realise what AHI is about it will be as big as CybergraphX. It's time we got rid of the 8-bit audio limit! Great work Martin!
- Johan Otterström / Örebro Videoreklam (DraCo reseller)

AHI is the easiest way for programmers to implement support for various audio cards. No more messing up with hard-to-figure-out outdated or non existing programming documentations. Just use AHI for it and relax.. Best general purpose Sound API for Amiga ever!
- Pauli Porkka / Digital Audio Systems Designs (author of D.A.S. Module Player)

Finally there's a powerful retargetable audio standard for Amiga!
- Thomas Wenzel, A.C.T. (designers of the Prelude soundcard)

Major changes since last release

What has changed since the last release? Here are some things worth to be mentioned.

For details, see the What's new? page.

Mailing list

Traditionally, the Delfina mailing list have been used for AHI support as well. This list has recently moved to Yahoo! Groups

Official logo

By placing the "AHI compatible" logo on your WWW support page or directly on your product, the user will immediately recognize that your product works with all major sound cards on the market. Click on the logo below for a larger version.
[AHI compatible logo]

On a WWW page, you can use the following code to link to this page:

 <a href="http://www.lysator.liu.se/ahi/v4-site/"><img
    src="ahi-compatible.tiny.jpg" border=0 width=121 height=79
    alt="[AHI compatible]"></a>

I need your help!

There are several things that I have in mind for AHI, but I will probably not have enough time to implement them in the near future. Perhaps you can help?

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