The Main Event

I've been teaching about Linear Workflow for years. This site was originally started as acompanion to my 2008 SIGGRAPH Autodesk MasterClass on the topic. I have also taught in my mental ray course on FXPHD (mry201). More info on when and where I teach this course over on my blog,

As for info coming from me, the best bet right now is the FXPHD course. Eventually, I will put some version of that teaching material on this site. I simply havn't had time to do that yet. Some day... some day.... ;)

Links links links

Since I havn't had time to produce the material I want - yet - we have to rely on people less busy (lazy?) than myself, and round up some links from the interwebs:

Various links

Some information from the wiki:

And when all else fails:

Be linear with Pride. :)

Note: This is a stupid CAFEPRESS t-shirt, I don't make a dime. It's ugly too. The print quality kinda sucks. So don't actually buy it.


By Zap Andersson, @MasterZap