K I D - W A R S

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KID WARS is a Star Wars fan film, created for fun by Håkan "Zap" Andersson and his kids.


This film was not planned. It started out as various tests in compositing 3D graphics with live action footage, and grew from there. Even then, it was only planned to be a simple test-flick, but suddenly the kids took creative control. "Daddy, add this", "Daddy, fix that", "Daddy, film me doing this" e.t.c. Phew. :-)

In the end a heroic bit of editing (to the point of removing entire children digitally) turned it into a "movie" with an actual "story".

Be warned, the film contains footage of parent and children alike bursting into flame, being decapitated, and pulling loose skin over exposed innards. Heh. Oh, and the kids insisted on being the bad guys, don't blame me! ...but then again, the bad guys win in this film....

It's not a cinematic masterpiece, but considering it's done by 1 daddy, 3 kids and 2 computers over just a couple of weeks.... it's pretty neat.

KID WARS borrows the space ship from Nina Goddess of Dance (who happen to be the KID WAR kids mom), and the T-800 model from James Murphy. Music is borrowed from John Williams and the universe is lent from George Lucas. Thanks, George!

And yes, I am insane. Heh. :-)

- Håkan "Zap" Andersson

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