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Håkan 'Zap' Andersson

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My name is Håkan Andersson (but most people call me 'Zap') from Eskilstuna, Sweden. I have been employed as a software engineer within the CAD industry for 15 years by companies in Stockholm, Germany and the United States. Currently, I am seeking new opportunities not only within CAD, but also in the fields of music, 3D graphics, rendering, video, special effects, etc.

My "official" resumé is here (Word document). Letter of Recommendation available upon request.

I am a throrough, dedicated, passionate, innovative and creative individual with great attention to detail, and I am certain I would be a great asset to your company.

Places of Employment and roles within the companies
  • 2004-.... mental images GmbH
    Advanced shader developer, responsible for writing cutting edge mental ray shaders such as the acclaimed fast sss skin shader.
  • 2003 ZapTroNic Visuals
    Self-owned business in visual effects, compositing, 3d rendering.
  • 1998-2002 Autodesk Inc
    Software Developer: AutoCAD application programming for MCAD team. Advanced UI design. Spec/documentation authoring.
  • 1994-1998 Genius Cad Software GmbH (company was acquired by Autodesk in 1998)
    Software Developer: AutoCAD application programming (Mechanical Design, 3D Solid modelling etc.) User interface design. Tech/spec writer. Web toolkit author.
  • 1989-1993 EMT AB
    Coordinating Software Developer: Mechanical Application "Mechslide" for AutoCAD. Rendering software "RayTracker". In-house custom cross-platform user interface. Porting software to UNIX/IRIX platforms.
  • 1987-1988 CIAC (Cad and Information Application Center) AB
    "Fix everything" guy, support, sales person, software developer, network guy, BBS sysop etc.
Specific experiences / skills

  • 3D/Rendering/Visual F/X Computer graphics, 3D modelling, rendering, animation and special effects is one of my main interests
    • Wrote, designed, acted all parts in, rendered all models, and created all effects in my clone-heavy matrix-inspired film Intermezzo Dualis - Reloaded (this film also doubles as my "demo reel" of sorts)
    • Designed, rendered and animated, composited w. live action, directed and produced the music for the "Trip to the Moon" music video
    • Wrote my own rendering software "RayTracker" for realistic render of AutoCAD models.
    • Wrote the "Chrome Mapping" 3D Studio Max plugin for integrating reflective CGI components in a live action setting.
    • Created special effects/composits like my exploding head and the Star Wars spoof film "Kid Wars"
    • I have written several other 3D Studio plugins, although they are not available online yet, for things like camera blur (depth of field / motion blur combined), render effect to aid in making advanced glows, and several others. I've also written my own special-purpouse plugins for Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, And Adobe After Effects.
    • More/Specifics....

  • CAD related work Programming stuff for and around AutoCAD has been one of my main professions
    • Worked in tight groups w. big, advanced C++/ObjectARX/LISP/COM/etc. projects w. clear objectives and deadlines.
    • Invented/Designed specific user-interfaces to simplify specific user tasks to allow the user to work in a "goal oriented" way.
    • Inventor and Implementor of "The Manipulator" (Awarded US Patents 6,046,749, (full text) and 6,281,906 (full text)), a method to modify 3D objects w. a 2D input device (mouse/screen)
    • Implemented a COM object for secure publishing 3D models/parts on the web.
    • Technical advisor on the chapter on DXF in the book "3D Graphics File Formats" by Keith Rule (ISBN 0-201-48835-3)
    • I've read and debugged through the AutoCAD sourcecode and came out sane.
    • More/Specifics....

  • Music/Audio One of my biggest passions is music and music production, sound synthesis etc.

  • Writing/Miscellaneous.
    • I like to write, and sometimes write technical documents and tutorial for the pure fun of it, for example my tutorial on putting audio on webpages.
    • I used to be heavily involved in Virtual Reality, wrote a couple of papers on the subject and was involved in the group that defined VRML 2.0 and as an example I implemented a fully interactive autonomous character “The Virtual Squirrel”. The squirrel is behaviour based and seeks out acorns to eat, and was originally intended to be a multi-user universe using my own ideas on animation/behaviours over low bandwidth networks
    • Designed and implemented the multi-user framework and customizable Avatar system for the virtual reality system "Metatopia" by Immersive Systems.
    • More/Specifics....
As a person, I am a friendly, nice, and funny/humorous guy who speaks, speaks, reads and writes fluent English and Swedish, reads/understands German, not afraid to work unorthodox hours (I've worked for 2 years synchronized with an office in Detroit). I am searching for a position where my creativity and intuitive sense for image and audio synthesis, skill of writing, music composition, etc. can be utilized. I am married with 3 children (all boys), and I live in the Swedish countryside in a house in which I have my own office set up from which I have conducted my work.

If you have any further question beyond what is written here, feel free to email or call me on phone +46 16 96460 between 09.00 and 19.00 Central European Time.

Thank you for your time