Broadcasting "Beat Symphony"


...we love it! Beat Symphony extracts a lot of pleasure from being played on air. Unfortunately, our limited budged (which goes into recording and making cool online videos, as you see) kind of prohibits us sending out thousands of CD's for free to every radio station on the planet. Sad, but true. But there is still hope - you can still play our stuff on the air!! Just follow these instructions:

(oh, and drop us a mail, and tell us too. We appreciate it a lot!

Radio Play

  • Download any track from
  • Hook up your PC to your mixing console. Make sure you have a good quality audio card.
  • Play, enjoy, repeat.

TV Broadcast

The Beat Symphony Christmas video ( can be broadcast on TV - you have our blanket permission to do so.

You can download high quality version here:

Simply load it into a fairly powerful PC/Mac, Set the output resolution to something suitable for broadcast, pipe the video and audio feeds from the computer into your console, and hit "Full Screen" play, and enjoy!

Technical questions to

Tech stuff

The mix is fairly dance floor oriented. For a Radio/TV broadcast you might want to shelve off frequencies below about 100 hz approx 3dB. (In english "turn the bass down a bit")

Legal Stuff

Beat Symphony is under the nęb/BIEM blanket. Report plays as usual, band name "Beat Symphony". The CD ID# for Rocket Science is "BSY021".