Capcom, 1989

Screen orientation: Horizontal
Pinout: JAMMA
Players: 1 or 2, taking turns
Buttons: 2 buttons (fire and jump)
DIP switch settings

This game is based on the fantasy movie from Lucasfilm. You control two of the characters in the film (one at a time), Willow Ufgood and Madmartigan, who must save the holy baby Elora Danan from the evil witch Baumorda. The gameplay is similar to Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, but with more twists and variation. You can buy power-ups, extra energy, magic artifacts and hints from small wizards that you encounter along the way. In level two you get to travel on an open carriage, while being pursued by the enemy, and later in the game you must travel by boat and sled. If you're lucky you may find a small, spearthrowing brownie that follows you wherever you go.

One of the small brownies is hidden in the beginning of level one, but it can be in three different places. You know where he is if your shots disappear where there doesn't seem to be anything. Just keep firing at that spot, and eventually he'll appear. This is how to find him in the three different places:
1. Stand on the first rock and fire to the right.
2. Stand on the second rock and fire to the right.
3. Go past the second rock and climb the mountainside once. Jump while firing to the left.
There is always a brownie in the beginning of level 3 as well.

This is a lovely game, with wonderful graphics and great music. It's full of nice touches and has varied gameplay. It's very difficult, but practice makes perfect. I think this game is rather rare, and I'm glad that I found it.

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