Solomon's Key

Tecmo, 1986

Screen orientation: Horizontal
Pinout: JAMMA
Players: 1 or 2, taking turns
Buttons: 2 buttons (create/remove stoneblock and use fireball)
My PCB is a bootleg.

In Solomon's Key you control an adventurer who must fetch the key to the exit door and then get to this door in order to get to the next level. You can create blocks of stone that you can climb on, and you can also remove these block. Finding your way to the key and the exit can be quite a puzzle, and you have to use your head. Several different kinds of monsters try to stop you, and you can kill these with fireballs that you can pick up along the way. You must use them wisely, because there is a very limited number of them. Some monsters can be killed by destroying the block they are standing on.

You can pick up different kinds of treasure and powerups, and you can also try to free the fairies on every level. I think you get an extra life when you've collected 9 fairies.

One of the levels has the text "Cast a spell on the key at 3-3". If you cast a spell on the key at level 3-3, it will change its appearance, and when exiting you will go to another level than you normally do.

I loved this game on the C64 computer, and I wanted to have it for my arcade cabinet. I couldn't find an original, so I settled for a bootleg that I got cheap 'cause the sound didn't seem to work. It works fine on some cabinets, but I have to plug it into my stereo to hear the sound, and it doesn't sound very good. Anyway, I love the game, and I'm surprised that it's not more popular than it is. I haven't seen many collectors who have it.

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