Snow Bros - Nick & Tom

Toaplan, 1990

Screen orientation: Horizontal
Pinout: JAMMA
Players: 1 or 2 simultaneously
Buttons: 2 buttons (fire and jump)
DIP switch settings

Snow Bros is reminiscent of the wonderful Bubble Bobble. The snowmen must clear 50 levels of baddies by throwing snow at them, turning them into big snowballs. A snowball can then be sent rolling across the screen, taking with it all the baddies that are unfortunate enough to stand in its way, and killing them when it finally crashes againts the walls at the bottom of the screen. You can also be swept away by the snowball, but instead of dying you get a couple of seconds of invurnerability when leave it. The snowballs also make other snowballs roll on contact, and enemies killed by these other balls give greater points. You can get powerups that make you faster, give you better shots and turn you into an inflated flying snowman! There are some special bonuses as well. Every 10th level has an extra big and nasty baddie.

There seems to be a couple of ways to get special bonuses. If you kill all the baddies on one screen by pushing only one snowball, money bills will come dropping from the sky. Sometimes doing this makes a small face appear instead. When you pick it up, four small and furry creatures come down, and killing these gives you letters. When you've spelled the word "SNOW", you get an extra life. Sometimes this face appears even if you haven't killed all the baddies with one ball. If you can explain this, or give me more hints, please mail me at the address below!

A fun, cute game that gets very hard after a couple of levels. It's not as good as Bubble Bobble, but fans of the genre should enjoy it.

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