Games with several names

For some reason many games get different names in different parts of the world, and this can get quite confusing sometimes. I have compiled a list of games like this. I'm almost sure about the rows that don't end with a ?, but the ones with a ? have not been confirmed. If you can confirm that a row is true or false, then I'd appreciate it if you let me know. Also please tell me about games that are not included in this list. My email address can be found at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: The names are all for the original PCBs, not bootlegs!!
ie "Galaga = Galag" and "Bobble Bobble = Bubble Bobble" does not count!

OK, here's the list. It's in alphabetical order, and every name appears twice, before or after the "=", so that you'll be able to find it easily.

Ajax = Typhoon ?
Area 88 = UN Squadron
Bionic Commando = Top Secret
Breywood = Shackled
Buster Bros = Pang ?
Contra = Gryzor
Dark Seal = Gate of Doom
Galaga 3 = Gaplus
Gaplus = Galaga 3
Gate of Doom = Dark Seal
Gladiator = Great Gurianos
Gradius = Nemesis
Gradius II = Vulcan Venture
Great Gurianos = Gladiator
Green Beret = Rush'n'Attack
Gryzor = Contra
Kicker = Shaolin's Road
Legendary Soldiers = Legendary Wings
Legendary Wings = Legendary Soldiers
Nemesis = Gradius
Ninja Gaiden = Shadow Warriors ?
Pang = Buster Bros ?
Rabbit Punch = Rabio Lepus
Rabio Lepus = Rabbit Punch
Rush & Crash = Speed Rumbler
Rush'n'Attack = Green Beret
Shackled = Breywood
Shadow Warriors = Ninja Gaiden ?
Shaolin's Road = Kicker
Speed Rumbler = Rush & Crash
Top Secret = Bionic Commando
Typhoon = Ajax ?
UN Squadron = Area 88
Vulcan Venture = Gradius II

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