The PC Jet

(A PC Engine transformed into a JAMMA PCB)

Pinout 1
Pinout 2

The PC Engine is a video game console that you're supposed to use on a TV, and it was popular in the late eighties. The PC Jet is simply a PC Engine that's been made JAMMA compatible, so that you can plug it into an arcade cabinet. There are some small PCBs that take care of the TV->RGB video transformation, and handle the coins and credits. You can choose whether the player should get to play as much as he likes for a specific amount of time (more coins = more time), or if he should get credits like usual. There is a counter that displays how many minutes you've got left to play. You can adjust R,G,B and brightness on the PCB, but the picture doesn't look as good as with normal arcade PCBs. For some reason the 1P and 2P buttons seem to have switched places on the PC Jet pinout, otherwise it seems to be normal JAMMA.

The games come on small cards about, the size of a credit card. I have Galaga '88, R-Type II, Space Harrier and Alien Crush. To change the game you simply replace the card with another one.

I got the PC Jet for free from a friend, who also got it for free. It's very enjoyable, and I was amazed to see how good the Galaga '88 conversion was. R-Type was also very much like the original, although I believe the levels are unique for the PC Engine version of the game. I might try to get some more games for the PC Jet. Unfortunately, I don't think the PC Engine was ever released here in Sweden.

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