Legendary Wings

Capcom, 1987

Screen orientation: Vertical
Pinout: Capcom
Players: 1 or 2 simultaneously
Buttons: 2 buttons (fire and bomb/jump)
Also known as: Legendary Soldiers
DIP switch settings

You control man or a woman with wings on his/her back. The game consists of two different gamestyles:

1: A vertically scrolling shoot'em up. You shoot nasties that attack you in different formations, and you bomb cannons and buildings on the ground (using a crosshair to aim). You can pick up power-ups to upgrade your gun.

2: This part is reached by flying into the mouth of the big statue or entering the temple at the end of a level. It is a horizontally scrolling platform game where you walk and jump to the right, avoiding various nasties, until you reach the boss. Kill him to return to part one/enter the next level.

You can find a secret bonus room by bombing certain buildings. In this room you fly to the right, picking up treasure chests as you go.

You can avoid being sucked into the statue's mouth by staying to the far left or right.
The bonus room is under one of the three buildings in the middle of each level, but it's location varies from game to game. You'll just have to bomb them all until you find it.

This is a fun and original game. The only negative things I have to say about it is that the "mouth-sequence" gets a bit tiresome (it seems to be the same on all levels), and that things slow down when there's a lot of nasties on the screen at once.

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