Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Atari, 1985

Screen orientation: Horizontal
Pinout: Unique (cocktail version) or Atari System 1
Sound: mono (I think)
Players: 1 or 2, taking turns
Buttons: 1 button for using the whip
DIP switch settings and pinout

This game is of course based on the second Indiana Jones movie. The aim of the game is to get hold of the three Sankara stones. To get one stone you must fight your way through three different subgames:

1: Find the way to the mine cart. Whip Thugee guards and save captured children along the way.

2: Ride the mine cart. Avoid various obstacles like Thugee guards, bats and pits.

3: Go to the statue of Kali, get the Sankara stone and escape through one of four doors.

When you've got all three stones you must cross a rope bridge and kill Mola Ram, who is throwing flaming hearts at you. If you succeed then you come to a bonus subgame that is much the same as the first subgame in the mines, except that the aim now is to whip golden statues. The bonus game doesn't end until all your lives are lost.

This game is a lot of fun. There are three different difficulty levels, and while the easy one is mastered rather quickly the other ones require a lot of practice.

I particularly like the speech in the game. The Thugee guards sound funny when you whip them, and occasionally Mola Ram says something scary, like "Soon Kali Ma will rule da world!".

The game has a very interesting test mode. As usual you can watch the graphics and listen to the music and FX, but you can also read statistics on how long game has been used, the average playing time on each level and more. Apparently many System 1 games have this extensive test mode.

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