Halley's Comet

Taito, 1986

Screen orientation: Vertical
Pinout: Unique?
Players: 1 or 2, taking turns
Buttons: 2 buttons (fire and hyperspace)
Pinout and DIP switch settings

This is an rather ordinary space shoot'em up game. Your mission is to destroy the huge comets and nasty aliens that threaten to destroy the planets of our solar system. There are one level for each planet, and every level consists of three parts; two parts in space, and one part in the comet. Destroy the big machine in the comet to save the planet and go to the next level.
You travel over the vertically scrolling environment, and various alien spacecraft attack you. There are also small asteroids, and shooting them may reveal powerups, like greater firepower, shields and small spaceships that follow you. If you're about to die, and you have one of these smaller ships, you can hyperspace your way out. You loose a small ship when doing this, but you can have several of them at once.

When you start the game there is a text saying something like "SAVE THE EARTH FROM THE COMETS". If you fly your ship over this text it will be erased, and the text "DO NOT ERASE!" is written above it! I wonder why they added this silly feature?

This game is looks a bit dated, with simple colourcycle effects and some flickering sprites, but it's quite fun. I got it cheap from an operator's heap of broken boards. The sound didn't work, but fixing this was just a matter of replacing the sound pot.

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