Gate of Doom

Data East, 1990

Screen orientation: Horizontal
Pinout: JAMMA
Players: 1 or 2 simultaneously
Buttons: 2 buttons (attack and use magic)
DIP switch settings

This is an isometric 3D sword and sorcery game. You get to choose between a knight, a wizard, a bard and a ninja, each with his/her special characteristics. You then go on a mission to kill all the evil filth that the newly opened Gate of Doom has spewed out over the lands. This includes skeletons, zombies, harpies, living slimepuddles and dragons. There are also some particularly big and nasty end-of-level bosses. You can pick up various items that give you stronger shots, make you immune to poison etc. Every time you kill something, your magic meter goes up, and when it's full you can use a spell from your spellbook. Using magic, you can become a big orb, a lightning cloud, a Medusa's head etc. Choose the "?" spell and you will turn into a chest that throws out goodies. If your're lucky, that is. You might also be turned into an pig! "Oink Oink!"

SEQUELS: Wizard's Fire

This game has its flaws, and some people don't like it. I think it's good, with some very good graphics, nice sound effects and a great soundtrack with organs and choirs. I don't regret getting it.

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