Chelnov - Atomic Runner

Data East, 1988

Screen orientation: Horizontal
Pinout: JAMMA
Players: 1 or 2, taking turns
Buttons: 3 buttons (fire, jump and turn around)
DIP switch settings

This is a horizontally scolling game where you control Chelnov, the Russian atomic runner who has to fight his way through hoardes of nasties to reach the Statue of Liberty in the States (don't ask me why, my version is in Japanese...)

The game is full of rather bizarre looking creatures that you are to kill. To do this you have a range of different weapons at your disposal, some of which are very original (like the flying stars and the huge maces). You can also kill the nasties by jumping on them. With the three buttons you can jump, shoot and turn around, and if you jump while pressing the joystick left or right, Chelnov does a nice somersault, which enables him to fire in other directions. The power-ups include:

This is a nice and original game. The control method is very tricky at first, and when the going gets tough you often end up pressing all the buttons at once. But the game is addictive, and I keep coming back for more.

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