My Arcade Cabinet

The picture above isn't really my cabinet, but it's the same model. It has two joysticks with three buttons each. The monitor is a Hantarex 9000 20", and it's mounted on a round metal frame, which allows me to rotate it in a matter of seconds, so I can play both horizontal and vertical games. The cabinet can be opened both at the front and at the back. With some minor soldering work I've added a volume pot and a phono input. When you plug headphones into this input, the sound disappears from the speaker in the cabinet. The volume pot of course works for both the speaker and headphones. Inside the cabinet I have a JAMMA loom.

My Old Cabinet

This was my first cabinet, which I bought in -96. It was an old Zaxxon cabinet from 1982, with one joystick. The monitor had some minor burn-in from Zaxxon (the text "Enemy planes" could always be seen in one corner). I had to get a wooden frame for the monitor to be able to play horizontal games. Rotating the screen was still awkward, and since this new hobby of mine proved to be a lot of fun, I sold this cabinet and bought the one above instead.

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