Molly IRC bot

Molly is a small, simple IRC bot that I use for intra-office communication. She will handle lunch menus, stock quotes, take polls and stuff like that.

Molly is written in Perl and is distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.

All the commands are built as plugin modules (see doc/plugins.txt for a list of available plugins) and there is a documented (wow!) interface on how to create new plugins (see doc/plugin-api.txt). If you create new plugins, I'd like to see them. Any other modifications are welcome as well, of course.

To use Molly, edit the first line to point to your local installation of Perl. You need the following modules installed:

To install a module, run

    perl -MCPAN -e "install POE::Component::IRC"
as root. Repeat for all modules needed.


The following switches can be used to configure Molly:


Specify what host the IRC server to connect to is running on. Defaults to


What port the IRC server is running on. Defaults to 6667.


What nick the bot should use in the channel. Defaults to molly.


What channel the bot should connect to. Defaults to #ifs.


Path and filename of the configuration file to use. Defaults to ./molly.conf.


Causes the bot to use the nick "test" and connect to the channel test, for (hopefully) obvious reasons.