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Ture Pålsson
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Hacks & publications

Swedish topographic map generator.

Terry — Python binding for RenderMan.

My ray tracer.

EOS 10D stuff

I first saw a web browser in 1993, because I happened to be a member of the same university computer club as one of the www pioneers in Sweden. Back in those days, most computer geeks like me immediately created a web page much like this one, not necessarily because we had something to say (some did, of course) but merely because we wanted to play with this new cool technology. It did not really matter that the pages had no real content, as there was nobody there to see them, except our fellow geeks!

Gradually, the whole Internet thing caught on, and more and more people had access to the web, both as readers and as publishers. I began to feel increasingly uneasy about my pointless "vanity page", so I eventually took it down and replaced it with a simple place holder text.

Now, however, things seem to have come full circle. After reading mr. Greenspun's example on personal web pages, I decided that it might be time to resurrect this page and actually put some text here again.