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Denna sida finns också på svenska.

My name is Johan Tufvesson, and I'm a member of Lysator Academic Computer Society in Linköping, Sweden. The daytime I spend at my work at HMS Industrial Networks, developing software for fieldbus systems.

Elvira is my wife. Karin and Malin are my daughters, and Henrik is my son. I have sisters in Kenya and Austria.

Check out these productions by me:

Typeset music
By using PMX I have created a lot of modern editions of music by for example Roman, Agrell, Marais, Rosenmüller and Albinoni, all available for free here.
Productions for Project Runeberg:
Bilder ur Nordens Flora
A lot of pictures of flowers for people who can't read the swedish descriptions.
If you want to get in contact with me you can use one of the following addresses:



  Johan Tufvesson
  Tärnvägen 1
  302 65 Halmstad


Johan Tufvesson,