Reshd stands for remote Erlang shell daemon. It offers a telnet port into an Erlang shell in the Erlang node.

Screenshot (well, sort of)

Here is an example session. Italic text is text that has been typed in.

First we need to start the reshd:

    109> reshd:start(40044).

Then we can connect:

    unixprompt% telnet localhost 40044
    Connected to localhost.
    Escape character is '^]'.
    Eshell V5.0.1
    1> io:format("Hello world!~n").
    Hello world!
    2> exit().
    ** Terminating shell **
    Connection closed by foreign host.

There is also an Emacs package, resh, which provides means for connecting to the Erlang from within Emacs. Type as follows:


Type M-x resh RET to connect to the erlang node.

Compilation buffer

Type C-c s in the resh-buffer to set the current buffer as the current inferior erlang compilation buffer. Now, when you type C-c C-k, the compilation command will go directly into that erlang node.


Download the latest version: reshd-1.6.tar.gz (40 kB).

Reshd is also available on github

Reshd is written in Erlang, so you need to download and install a copy of Erlang on your machine first.



Tomas Abrahamsson <>.

Legal issues

Reshd is relased into the public domain under this license.


version 1.6, 2013-Mar-02: reshd-1.6.tar.gz
Fixed getopt handling to work with Erlang/OTP R16B.
version 1.5, 2009-Oct-22: reshd-1.5.tar.gz
Fixed prompt handling to work with Erlang/OTP R13B-2.
This version works with Erlang versions from R11 and later.
version 1.4, 2009-Apr-26: reshd-1.4.tar.gz
version 1.3.1, 2007-Dec-17: reshd-1.3.1.tar.gz

Fixed reference to undefined module in 1.3. Now uses inet:getaddr instead.

version 1.3, 2007-Dec-16: reshd-1.3.tar.gz

Updated to work with Erlang/OTP R12B

version 1.2, 2002-Jul-21: reshd-1.2.tar.gz

Polished for submitting as an Erlang user contribution:

version 1.1, 2001-Dec-20: reshd-1.1.tar.gz

Accepts atoms as prompts.

version 1.0, 2001-May-04: reshd-1.0.tar.gz

First version (also announced on the Erlang mailing list)

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