What is NLP?

"What's NLP", by Carolyn Sikes, IDEA Seminars.
Introduction to NLP, with funny pictures by the NLP information center.
A somewhat longer summary of key concepts of NLP like modalities, rapport, state and anchoring by Tad James.


The Swish pattern, written by Michal "Sabren" Wallace. He has a web site dedicated to creativity, genious and cultural evolution.
Lee Lady has an archive of articles.


"High On Life", a recent interview with Richard Bandler about hist latest developments.
The skeptic's dictionary on NLP by Robert T. Carroll.
Logs of IRC chats about NLP related topics by Jonathan Altfeld, Mastery InSight Institute of NLP.

NLP is more than you think

Anakin's brain by Matthew Turco is about accelerated learning and creativity. Not just NLP, but also information about photo reading and image streaming.
Ross Jeffries has developed his own application of NLP, Speed Seduction. I don't always agree with his sense of ethics, but it's fascinating nevertheless.

Swedish resources/på svenska

Fredrik Haglund's pages in English eller på Svenska.
Robert Johansson har ett par sidor om NLP, bland annat Svenska NLP-föreningens hemsida.
Svenska NLP-institutet.


Web Links
Newsgroup alt.psychology.nlp.
Book reviews by Patrick E. Merlevede.

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