* make an unsort program aswell
* add a -0 option to bogosort and unsort (Anthony DeRobertis
  <asd@suespammers.org>: It'd be nice to be able to do: 'find ...
  -print0 | bogosort -0 -n | xargs -0 ...' bug bogosort doesn't have a
  -0 option.)
* move maintainer-targets into Makefile
* maybe make lines.[hc] with getlines, sortedp permute & c. instead of
  getlines.[hc] and sortedp.[hc]
* fix output in configure test of sys_errlist
* fix output in configure test of /dev/(u)random
* wait for error.[hc] that can include the other/be included by the other
  or swich to err.[hc] (also switching to err())