News in 0.4.3
        seed is printed to stderr when bogosort is run with --verbose.

News in 0.4.1
        bugfix: bogosort --help now works again. 

News in 0.4.0
        bugfix: the randomization algorithm now does what it was
        intended to do.

        bugfix: the last line isn't ignored if not terminated by

        new option: --seed.

        exitcodes are taken from sysexits.h.

News in 0.3.3
	builds without GNU make.

News in 0.3.2
	compiles on OpenBSD.

News in 0.3.1
	no user visible changes.

News in 0.3.0

	new option --norandom.

	configure options --enable-(u)random.

	bogosort handles more than one input file.

	bogosort doesn't hang if there are identical lines in its

News in 0.2.1
	bogosort recognizes -v.