2003-12-15  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* xmalloc.c: include system.h.

	* system.h (strcmp): added declaration.

	* config.h.in, configure.in: sync with what a fresh autoproject
	run generates.

	* bogosort.c (seed): print seed to stderr when run with --verbose.

2003-06-30  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* released 0.4.2

2003-06-23  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* bogosort.c (main): reworked the scrambling procedure. Now only
	two assignments are performed to the array for each line instead
	of three. Thanks to Graham Mitchell for suggesting this.

2002-09-06  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* released 0.4.1

	* bogosort.c (main): really handle the case when program_name
	doesn't contain any slashes.

2002-09-04  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* released 0.4.0

2002-08-30  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	Applied patches to configuration and error handling from Peter
	Pentchev and Kris Kennaway.

	* error.c (error, error_at_line): use strerror_r properly.

	* configure.in: also check for library functions error, strerror
	and strerror_r.

	* acconfig.h: add HAVE_STRERROR and HAVE_STRERROR_R.

	* bogosort.c (main): handle the case when program_name doesn't
	contain any slashes.

2002-05-04  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* Makefile.am (TAGS): fix for the buggy TAGS-target in automake.

	* bogosort.c (main, decode_switches): include sysexits.h and use
	the exit codes defined in it.

	* getlines.c (getline): return last line even if it is not
	terminated by newline. Again, thanks go to Magenta H. Nezumi for
	finding the error!

2002-03-16  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* bogosort.texinfo: change copyright years. describe new flag:
	--seed. removed `Instructions'.

	* bogosort.c (main): multiply rand() with the the number of
	unrandomized lines, not the total number of lines. Thanks to
	Magenta H. Nezumi for pointing out the error!
	(seed, decode_switches): seed rand with user_seed if given.
	(usage): added help for --seed.
	(decode_switches): changed copyright years.

	* Makefile.am (vvv): translate &<> in README & c. when they're
	turned into html-files.

2001-07-31  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* released 0.3.3

2001-07-06  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* Makefile.am, configure.in: touch maintainer-targets in configure
	  instead of in Makefile, this way non-GNU makes can build

2001-06-09  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* bogosort.texinfo: added the rest of the FreeBSD-port patch.

2001-04-07  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* released 0.3.2

2000-11-27  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* acconfig.h, configure.in, error.c(private_strerr): redid the tests
	  for sys_errlist to be a bit less naive.

2000-11-26  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* acconfig.h, configure.in, error.c(private_strerr): changes related
	  to sys_errlist having different declarations on different systems.

2000-11-04  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* bogosort.texinfo: added some lines from the FreeBSD-port patch.

2000-11-03  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* bogosort.c (main): make use of strrchr() to set program name.

	* system.h: some fixes to make strchr() and strrchr() available.

	* configure.in: added check for strchr.

2000-09-15  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST) added index.html

	* released 0.3.1

	* Makefile.am (vvv): added target vvv; turns AUTHORS, ChangeLog,
	  INSTALL, NEWS, README and TODO into html-files and htmlizes the man
	  page and info manual.

2000-08-13  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* `grep --files-with-matches 'files or its' *(.)`: doc fixes

2000-08-11  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* bogosort.c: made all output related to errors use error

	* bogosort.c zbogotest.c (main): program_name is set correctly

	* sortedp.h sortedp.c (sortedp): removed argument numlines, all callers

	* bogosort.c zbogotest.c (sortedp): took sortedp out of these files and
	  put it into sortedp.c & sortedp.h

2000-08-09  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* released 0.3.0

	* bogosort.c: gettext fixes

2000-08-08  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* bogosort.c (decode_switches, usage): added option --norandom

	* bogosort.c (seed, decode_switches): added support for

	* configure.in: added options --enable-(u)random with corresponding
	  defines WANT__DEV_(U)RANDOM

	* bogosort.c configure.in: added support for config.h

2000-08-04  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* bogosort.c zbogotest.c (sortedp): fixed nasty bug where bogosort and
	  zbogotest.sh never finished if there were two identical lines in the

	* bogosort.c (main): now handles more than one input file

	* moved bogotest* to zbogotest* to facilitate filename completition.

	* bogosort.c (seed): changed fgetc to fread for reading /dev/(u)random
	  and moved seeding to separate procedure

	* released 0.2.1

2000-08-03  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* bogosort.c (decode_switches): applied patch from ceder fixing
	  bogosort -v

	* anounced in Hack (@) KOM

	* released 0.2.0

2000-07-06  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* wrote bogotest.sh
	  requires bash and debianutils and is more bogus than bogosort.

2000-06-24  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* getlines.c (getline): removed limit on linelength.

2000-06-23  Ulrik Haugen  <qha@lysator.liu.se>

	* bogosort: initial version.