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2. Invoking bogosort

The format for running the bogosort program is:

bogosort [option] ... [file] ...

If any file is given input is taken from file in stead of standard input.

bogosort supports the following options:

Don't check if the output is sorted, just exit after permuting the lines once.

If configured with support for /dev/(u)random don't try to read /dev/(u)random for seeding rand, ignored otherwise.

`--seed number'
Use number to seed rand.

`--output name'
Write output to name instead of standard output.

Print an informative help message describing the options and then exit.

Output a `.' (dot) to standard error for each permutation of the lines, and send some non critical error messages to standard error.

Print the version number of bogosort on the standard error output and then exit.

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