Peter Eriksson

I'm sort-of active at Lysator as one of the volunteer system administrators - when I'm not busy working as a computer systems engineer/network systems administrator at the Linköping University.

First of all, here's my CV in case you want to offer me a good, well-paid job (that's better than my current, very nice thank you, job that is :-).

Personal stuff

I'm happily married to Anna, and together we have two great kids, Emma and Amanda. We live in a house in a small village called Grebo about 25km southeast of Linköping.

I guess I'm kind of a tennis and ice hockey fanatic two sports I really like to discuss and participate in (as coaches mainly).

Some of my personal software projects

Most of my active personal software projects can be found at my GitHub page.

Below is an old and slightly outdated list of projects I have been working on

A small tool that extracts HTML TABLE data and outputs it as CSV data.
A fast (?), anonymous-only, multithreaded FTP server developed from scratch. Features include: read-only (disables all commands that write/create files) or read-write (if you need upload-directories), personal "pub" dirs in users home dirs.
A disk-to-disk copying program (with progress and speed indicator) that can be used instead of "dd" when cloning disks (partitions).
A library for command line options parsing originally developed for Pidentd v3 and Pftpd.
A frontend to the command "rwho" that will present the information in a more userfriendly way. It can also be used as a replacement for a finger daemon. Sample output:
sharrow:~> finger
User      Name                            Machine(s)
--------- ------------------------------- -------------------------------
grubba    Henrik Grubbström               proton,sandra
kronberg  Mats Kronberg                   proton
An implementation of an IDENT (RFC1413) server. This is more or less the standard implementation that most people use around the world and has used for many years. The later versions use multithreading and has been (more or less) rewritten from scratch.
A simple tool that can be used to find out raw disk subsystem performance (linear and random reads).
Prwhod and Prwhoutils
A modified rwhod daemon that (can) avoid the broadcasting of information and instead use a centralized approach. The Prwhoutils contains modified rwho and ruptime commands that supports the use of netgroups to sort/limit the displayed data.
A simple HTTP server stress tester originally developed for Phttpd, but now lives its own life. Multithreaded.
A server and client system to distribute SSH Keys to (for example) Solaris jumpstarted workstations so that they always get the same key even after they have been reinstalled... (Don't use unless you "trust" your local network).
A (very) small tool to convert text files to the Unix end-of-line convention. Handles CR (Macintosh), CR-LF (PC), LF-CR (Mangled PC via Mac files :-) (and LF of course :-)
The "Virtual Fluxating SHell"-shell. For the ones among us who like some change in their lives...

Very old (not actively maintained) or on-hold projects

A monitoring/configuration utility for Andataco Gigastor SCSI disk boxes
A monitoring daemon for CMD CRD-5500 SCSI-SCSI RAID controllers. Monitors the CMD event log and forwards it to syslog and/or via email to specified users. Can be extended for management. Also includes a tool that can be used as a Netsaint plugin.
An assembler for the 6502 processor, written in C, using scanf() as the main tool for parsing tokens :-). Development on hold since this piece of software is as perfected as can be (and my need for it is rather, eh..., low :-)
A tool that can be used to stress test file system performance Development currently on hold (no great need from me :-).
The communications layer of LysKOM. Partly modeled after the ISC layer from later Prime/PRIMOS versions. Development transfered to the LysKOM group (mostly Per Cederkvist).
The ACL protection system for NannyMUD (LPC). Development on hold/transfered to the NannyMUD/LPC people.
A fast, multithreaded, World Wide Web server. Maintenance taken over by Roland Kaltefleiter . The latest version from Roland can be downloaded from:

Discontinued projects

A NIS+/NIS(YP)/nsswitch clone for Linux systems. Discontinued since the current Linux implementation is vastly better, and NYS (so now you know where the Linuxism NYS for NIS/YP comes from :) was primarily intended as a proof-of-concept.
Prime/PRIMOS ports
Ports of some GNU and BSD free tools to the (now discontinued) Prime/PRIMOS (definitely NOT Unix :-) platform. Discontinued since I don't have easy access to and Prime system anymore.
"Peter's Sparc Linux X-terminal" - a *small++* package with the stuff needed to convert an old Sun SPARCstation (like an ELC for example) to an X-Terminal. Discontinued since my need for a package like this isn't as big as before :-)
An attempt at defining and improving the RMT protocol used to access tape devices between different systems. Discontinued (never really started :-).

For some more information about me, see my at-work page at IFM , the Department Physics and Measurement Technology, Chemistry and Biology at the Linköping University , at the following URL: