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Peter Ekberg

Don't Dream It, Be It!

Picture from the Rocky Horror
Picture Show
in Linköping, 1994.

Peter Ekberg
Sunnanvägen 7
SE-302 37 Halmstad
Phone number
nat 035-22 81 23
int +46 35 22 81 23
GSM +46 70 37 886 73

I'm currently working on a game I remember from the time when I had my C128 up and running. It's called 'Thrust'.

I've been toying with ggivnc, a VNC viewer with a GGI backend.
My thesis report "RTK Compression for DARC" is available.
Another game I'm implementing is a networked version of the well known arcade game Sprint. My game will be called SPRINeT. The game is very enjoyable already but it still needs a lot of work. I'm having problems with small (8 bytes of data) tcp-packets being fragmented when playing over short but not very short distances (one router, maybe one or two bridges). I have no clue as to why the packets get fragmented. It works really well when played between computers on the same ether-segment.
RydMap can be used to find houses in Ryd.