Thomas Padron-McCarthy
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Some old pictures of Thomas Padron-McCarthy

A picture of me:

A picture of me, sitting harmlessly in a chair.

A picture of me in Greece:

A picture of me in Greece. Most of the picture shows Greece, but I'm in there somewhere.

A picture from Skibotn, Norway:

A picture of me on a bicycle, with a Norwegian fjord and some mountains in the background.

Later on that same trip: close to Kilpisjärvi, Finland:

A picture of me on a bicycle. This is the road between Kilpisjärvi and Karesuando.

Late one night 3000 km later: Smygehuk, Sweden:

After this, we could finally go home! Smygehuk is the southernmost part of Sweden.

Nice doggy!

This is not a picture of me and a dog.

Thomas Padron-McCarthy (, January 7, 2000