Automatic Photos

Aphoto is a photo gallery module for Roxen WebServer 4.0. It is written in Pike. The concept is that images reside in a directory structure on disk, then aphoto does the rest. It generates browseable images as well as populates your photo album with thumbnails and directory buttons. Image descriptions, if any, are stored in the JPEG image comment fields of the actual images.


Aphoto has the following features:



Ordinary image and thumbnail browsing looks like below. Both images and directories can be mixed on a thumbnail page. Please note that short descriptions of the images, if any, are generaded as text on white "polaroid-like" fields on the thumbnails. Also note that the popup description (taken from the image's long description) when hovering a thumbnail with the mouse pointer in the rightmost thumbnail screenshot:


When editing image and thumbnail descriptions, light blue editing fields appear where the actual descriptions usually appear:


You can either download the latest version (aphoto-2.0_beta21) of aphoto (which requires Pike 7.4) or an ancient aphoto for Roxen 2.2 or 3.3.


Unpack the aphoto-<version>.tar.gz file and follow the instructions in the README file.


M Norrby, with valuable help from Martin Nilsson and Johan Schön.