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If you have reason to believe that your name is Rasmus, and your homepage isn't here then please send me your URL and feel free to mail me any comments or ideas you migh t have

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The Rasmus of honour
RASMUS - the band
In Finnland there is a band named rasmus, and this is their homepage.
Rasmus Tengblad's homepage
That's me, the maintainer of this page.
Rasmus Rubæk's homepage
Rasmus Wiman's homepage
Rasmus' Homepage
Rasmus Munk Larsen
Rasmus Foldager
Rasmus Friis Kjeldssen
Homepage of Rasmus Nyström
Homepage of another Rasmus Nyström
The homepage of Rasmus Paulsen
Rasmus Groenfelt
Rasmus Borup Hansens WWW-sida
a very multilingual page, indeed.
I'll bet you almost anything he didn't write that homepage on his own
Rasmus Wickholm
Röttle By och Rasmus Kvarn
The homepage of Rasmus Ingman Hansen
Rasmus Kaj
Rasmus' Homepage
Loren A Rasmus, in Wisconsin, USA
Rasmus E. Stoltzenberg
Rasmus' hjemmeside
Rasmus Andersen
Rasmus Renlund
Rasmus Paetau
Rasmus Hochreuter
Rasmus Paludan's homepage
Rasmus Andersson
Rasmus Ehrstedt
Rasmus Steffensen's homepage
Rasmus Thornberg's homepage
Rasmus Panduro's homepage
Rasmus Ørnstrand's homepage
Rasmus Nisslert's homepage
Rasmus Egeberg's homepage
Rasmus Skern's homepage
Chris Rasmus' homepage
Note the beautiful domain-name:
Rasmus Åsebrings homepage
Rasmus Karlssons homepage
Rasmus Fuglsigs homepage
Norman Rasmus Swansons homepage
Rasmus Underbjerg Pinnerup
Rasmus Andersson
Mr. Anthony R. Rasmus III