Shows Made For Season 1

(This is incomplete. Please E-mail me the information to fill in the holes in the premiere dates!)

Some premiere months have been taken from Cinfantastique magazine.

FYI: "Big House Blues" was created during the summer of 1990.

Titles                                                      Premiere Dates

Big House Blues (Pilot)                   Animation Festivals, Summer 1991
The Big Shot! (Part II to Stimpy's Big Day)                       08/11/91
Black Hole (CHACS)                                                02/23/92
The Boy Who Cried Rat!                                            08/25/91
Fire Dogs                                                         09/01/91
The Littlest Giant (SSBL)                                         09/01/91
Marooned (CHACS)                                                  12/??/91
Nurse Stimpy                                                      08/18/91
Robin Höek (SSBL)                                                 08/18/91
Space Madness (CHACS)                                             08/25/91
Stimpy's Big Day                                                  08/11/91
Stimpy's Invention                                                02/23/92
Untamed World                                                     12/??/91