Iceland and Sweden Showings


I'm sorry, but I unfortunately have lost my listings. I need an update please from Jon Ingimundarson (, but I have yet to get one of my emails answered. If you know him, please have him email me.

From Jon Ingi Ingimundarson (

Our state-owned television RUV started broadcasting the first season shows two weeks ago. Currently they've shown show #3 and show #6 as listed in the Ren and Stimpy FAQ. It airs Wednesday at 6:30pm. The listing in the papers goes something like this:

"Ren and Stimpy: A cartoon show about the dog Ren and the cat Stimpy."

The tv-station has apparently bought 6 episodes.

They were shown on our state-owned televsion station RUV (Rikisutvarpid- Sjonvarp). RUV broadcasts between ca. 18:00-23:30 weekdays and 12:00-1:00 weekends. And show around 5-10 US shows each week (this week it's 4). Why RandS were chosen is a mystery to me.

Although they were shown at a very bad time (18:30) they got an ok publicity and luckily weren't dragged into the whole Beavis+Butthead, The Program stupidity.

The shows were shown complete, without (as usual) commercials and in Stereo. (Editor's Note: Maybe I should move to get uncut episodes? :) It is not certain that season 2 will be shown here since tv-stations often buy shows only for one season and then move onto the next show.


I welcome Bjorn Nilsson ( to our R&S International Showings Listings. He is working on a listing for our next edition of the R&S Encyclopedia. Here's a recent message he wanted me to add:

Well, I'm here too [reading]. There are still a few choosen fans out here. BTW, R & S are out for the season here in Sweden. But there's still hope for another season, or even better, a rerun (can't get to much).