This encyclopedia doesn't take the place of the Ren And Stimpy guide and FAQ; on the contrary, it should work with these documents. This encyclopedia puts all the shows in perspective with bumpers and cartoons. A bumper is a short commercial spoof or a short piece. All times are Eastern U.S.A. times unless specified.

This document is a depository for miscellaneous facts about Ren And Stimpy and its showings. Anything not covered by the FAQ or Not-So-Official-Guide is covered here--if not, E-mail and request it from me.

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Some Abbreviations:

CHACS = Commander Höek And Cadet Stimpy
SSBL = Stimpy's Storybook Land
WWDTT = What'll We Do Till Then?
R&S = Ren And Stimpy
HHJJ = Happy Happy Joy Joy
FYI = For Your Information
TBA = To Be Announced
DYN = Did You Know or Did You Notice?

Nick = Nickelodeon
EuroNick = A Nickname (which I created) For Europe's Nickelodeon