2. When and Where can I see R&S (Worldwide)?

A. United States

Currently, R&S can only be seen via cable TV or satellite. It airs on Nickelodeon (aka SNICK on Saturday nights) Saturday evening at 9 PM (Pacific/Eastern). It also airs Sunday mornings at 11 AM (Pacific/Eastern), though it appears that this time slot will continue with reruns. MTV is also airing the second season, apparently, but no hard information has reached this author. MTV showings are inferior to the showing on Nick, since they stick the MTV logo on the lower right corner and have more commercials. (By the way, SNICK has also started adding their own logos to each cartoon.) MTV also compresses the audio badly and doesn't start the show on time. Incidentally, MTV Networks, Inc., owns Nick. Apparently MTV is owned in large part by Viacom. On the marathon of January 1993, MTV didn't have the logo but edited the music of "Svën Höek" and most show's order of cartoons.

By the way, during the second season of R&S and the fourth season of "The Simpsons," Nick gave permission to Gracie Films to use R&S during "A Brother From The Same Planet." It was storyboarded or laid out (maybe both) by Chris Reccardi, one of the original people on R&S. On April 15, another mention of R&S made it onto "The Simpsons"; the set-up was at the Emmys where the R&S slide was not ready :).

MTV has random airings of the show (see your local television book for times if any), and Nick had "Nick-Mania" weekend with 8 of the best Ren And Stimpys during the afternoon. Nick-Mania happened on April 24 and 25, 1993. Nick Mania for the weekend of May 8 and 9 has "SNICK Mania" so that R&S will be played two times, once for each SNICK. No more mass airings have been planned, but R&S were participants in the Slime Time Sweepstakes of both 1992 and 1993 editions.

Season 3 began on November 20, 1993, according to Billy West when he came to Miami University on October 6, 1993. More details about his speech are in a post I made which is looking for a ftp site. MTV is playing "Fire Dogs" and several other videos of R&S in their rotation currently.

"Son Of Stimpy" was aired (with a minor scene cut) on Nickelodeon twice during the Holiday season. Oh Joy!

One new note for this edition: "Tiny Toons" did spoof R&S in their spring special with "Rank The Chicken & Stinky The Squirrel." I just wish I knew if Stinky was related to Slappy?! =O)

B. Canada

From Paul Engler (engler@cpsc.ucalgary.ca):

Thanks for all the info you gave me yesterday. However, after reading the R&S FAQ I noticed that it is lacking the broadcast times in Canada. Up here the show airs at 8:30 EST, and 16:30 EST every Thursday, and again at 12:30 EST Friday, on Much Music. (I'm sure this channel is available off of satellite although I can't remember where. It should be in any of the many monthly satellite guides.) The interesting thing about this is that they are still broadcasting all the episodes, including PTM which ran last Thursday, March 6.

From ecurrent@zooid.guild.org:

Don't forget that it's shown in Canada on MuchMusic (basically our version of MTV) on Thursdays at 12:30 PM (and since Much programs in blocks that are repeated several times a day, it is also repeated at 8:30 PM, and 4:30 AM & 8:30 AM on Friday). Much started airing R&S in September, 1992, and there was much happiness and rejoicing amongst those of us who had been surviving for months on bootlegged videos smuggled across the border. :-) They first aired all of the first season episodes in the same order as their original airings on Nick. They were then shown a second time, in the same order, and then during the third "loop" of first season episodes (sometime in January, 1993), they began airing the second season, once again in the same order as the original Nick showings. As of the end of February, 1993, they had aired all of the second season shows except for "Fake Dad" and "Monkey See, Monkey Don't" and they have started repeating the second season from the beginning once again.

It's also worth noting that Much always airs episodes in the same form as their original Nick airings, so edits that appear in later Nick airings (i.e. the cuts to "PTM", etc.) are not reflected in the Much airings. Much also aired "Son of Stimpy", which was only aired on MTV in the US, not on Nick.

From Trevor Paul Bugera (umbuger2@ccu.umanitoba.ca):

On MUCHMUSIC's news show they had a little clip that Much was going to cut R&S from the schedule after thursday, but in August (around the 7-9th) they are going to have what they called all 13 episodes back to back. Tis a shame because it is my only source of R&S. I'll have to tape them.

Editor's Note: The marathon was aired August 14, 1993, followed by Weird Al Television. MuchMusic's original versions of R&S may be replaced with edited ones if they return. City TV has rights to air R&S in Canada now. A video of "The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Theme" is being broadcasted, and according to rumor, it has charted #30 on the MuchMusic top songs of the week recently.

From Jack Lee (cjlee@undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca):

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, R&S is being shown on CITY-TV Channel 57 on Wednesdays @ 8pm. Two episodes at a time!

From Adam Frampton (frampton@access.digex.net):

The Canadian government is going on the Internet, starting November 5. Some nice little places to flame-- er send constructive critism are:

Canadian Brodcasting Commision: utgpu!plan9!chyk!<cbc@utcc.utoronto.ca
(is this the place that banned R&S??)
C TV (did they air RnS?): utgpu!plan9!chyk!<ctv@utcc.utoronto.ca

There are several other channels.. but no MuchMusic. See the EFFector newsletter for a complete listing (issue 6.02 I believe)

Ed. Note: I have had no new recent info. on Canadian airings. Anyone want to expand on if they are still on/off/what's the deal here please?

C. United Kingdom / Netherlands

As of September 1, 1993, Nickelodeon is broadcasting on some cable systems in the United Kingdom (what and which cable systems?). Nick has opted not to show R&S in the UK, but instead, they sold the rights to BBC2. Netherlands can also receive R&S too--Joy!

** UK R&S Fans: Thanks to everyone for the overwelming response to help!!!

From Edwin Yau (ey@unix.brighton.ac.uk):
>Norman G. Sippel (ngsippel@miavx2.ham.muohio.edu) writes:
>I was wondering...isn't EuroNick playing R&S? Wouldn't BBC2 overlap or
>some junk?. :)

As far as I can tell from satellite listings and so on (and unless any UK satellite viewer can prove me wrong), EuroNick hasn't been showing R&S at all! Somehow the BBC managed to get a hold of it first! I guess it's their answer for not getting "The Simpsons" for non-satellite viewers. At present R&S will most likely be scheduled for an evening (6pm) air-time on Def-II, either on Tuesday or Friday.

From Mike Chace (mikec@praxis.co.uk):

Ren and Stimpy are shown on BBC2 (the UK's non-commercial "cultured" channel) at 6.25pm on Monday evenings and repeated at 12.40am (now 12.10am) on Saturday mornings (ie very late Friday night).

On Monday evenings they are shown as part of the "Def II" slot, so-called "Yoof" (youth) programming which tries to be hip-and-trendy.

This week's (March 7-14) Radio Times, a BBC TV listings magazine, has a competition where you can win a Ren and Stimpy game for the Sega System!

Ed. Note: See the Encyclopedia for detailed info. on BBC2 showings.

As of May 1994, BBC2 has lost its contract rights to air R&S. This leaves the Netherlands without R&S, but UK fans can watch R&S on EuroNick.

From Martin Small (Martin_Small.Sbd-E@rx.xerox.com):

I will hopefully begin mailing you lists of the episodes that have just started showing on Euronick, they began last weekend with:

D. New Zealand

From Mark Weatherhead (ZOOL175@csc.canterbury.ac.nz):

At the moment R&S is being aired on Channel 2 at 6:00pm on Saturdays. They are currently showing (again) mostly episodes from the first series, we have hardly seen any of the second series.

Unfortunately, R&S seems to attract a lot of attention from the sort of people who believe that they "know best" what people should and shouldn't be watching, so probably the program will be re-scheduled at a different time--again.

From Paul Q. (physajh@otago.ac.nz):

Ren & Stimpy in NEW ZEALAND has gone from obscurity to dementia. Not only is it now prime time T.V. (yes, yes I knew it was on WHAT NOW but I'm usually still unconscious at 0800 hours Saturday, and Yes, Yes I saw SOME episodes at 4.30pm but I usually still have a headache then too!!)

Anyway in NEW ZEALAND our major national T.V. and Radio Magazine stated in an entire one page article the following facts.

Editor's Note: NZ showings are on the rocks as well as Canadian showings. Keep looking in your TV book for times and channels. Listings for NZ shows have been provided by Kerrin Jones (Kerrin.Jones@comp.vuw.ac.nz) in the R&S Encyclopedia. Kerrin has a temporary lapse in Internet service and hopes to be back on soon; until then, a friend will e-mail the list for Kerrin. (Since the NZ information is aging, it would be nice to have an update in general on R&S activity please.)

E. Australia

From Darren O'Shaughnessy (darren@cs.anu.edu.au):

The Ren & Stimpy show is being shown in Australia on Network Ten's "The Big Breakfast". It runs from about 7:30 - 8:00, Monday to Friday, although the time does vary. No cuts appear to have been made, and the episodes seem to be in the right order, without omissions (so far). The first episode was screened 5/7/93 (7/5/93 to you yanks).

From Gerald C. Chick (g.chick@trl.oz.au):

Ren & Stimpy has been showing since 5 July 1993 (or maybe earlier, but I think that was the first episode), daily at approximately 7:30 AM on the TEN Network's Big Breakfast Show. If advertisements for NERF-pellet machine pistols (with imitation Borg) and "Tinkle Tots" make you want to chunder, set your video.

Editor's Note: Listings for this have been provided by Darren O'Shaughnessy (darren@cs.anu.edu.au) in the R&S Encyclopedia.

From Zik Saleeba (zik@zikzak.apana.org.au):
>freako@suburbia.apana.org.au (damian caynes) writes:

>Here in oz we get ren n stimpy at a ridiculous timeslot, like 7:30am on
>monday... this is damn awkward and i've only caught one episode, tho i was
>hooked instantly. I was half asleep and they were goin off like Itchy &
>Scratchy on illegal substances, and it was preeeeeeeety strange...

And what's worse they're moving it to 7am starting tomorrow! It's being edged out to make space for "The Adventures of T Rex" - Jurassic Park has a lot to answer for :-( Imagine the horror at hauling yourself out of bed at 7:30am only to catch a last few tantalising seconds of Ren'n'Stimpy followed by some trashy dinosaur `toon. Eucccch!

From Darren O'Shaughnessy (Darren.OShaughnessy@cs.anu.edu.au):
>From: Norman G. Sippel (ngsippel@miavx2.ham.muohio.edu):
> I can wait till this weekend to upload the new FAQ, so I'll wait for your
> update tomorrow (if you would please include new shows). Can you give me
> more on this "Maynard F#" and "JJJ" ? What are they?

The TV guide says that Ren & Stimpy's timeslot (7 a.m. Monday) has been taken by some monstrosity called "Piggsburgh Pigs". I don't know when, if ever, we'll see more episodes :( Lucky I've got them all on tape to watch at my leisure.

Maynard F# Crabbes is a mad DJ on the national alternative radio network JJJ. He liberally intersperses so-called normal music with stuff like ABBA, Weird Al Yankovic, and now Ren & Stimpy, and has a penchant for Hawaiian shirts, flares, and rectangular specs. Do you really want to know more? 8*}

From Robert Dennys (robertd@psy.uq.oz.au):

Note that R&S is back on the air here in Australia on Channel TEN, but not at its previous weekday-morning slot - its on 8:30 am Saturday mornings.

F. Iceland

From Jon Ingi Ingimundarson (jii@rhi.hi.is):

Our state-owned television RUV started broadcasting the first season shows two weeks ago. Currently they've shown show #3 and show #6 as listed in the Ren and Stimpy FAQ. It airs Wednesday at 6:30pm. The listing in the papers goes something like this:

"Ren and Stimpy:   A cartoon show about the dog Ren and the cat

The tv-station has apparently bought 6 episodes.

They were shown on our state-owned televsion station RUV (Rikisutvarpid- Sjonvarp). RUV broadcasts between ca. 18:00-23:30 weekdays and 12:00- 1:00 weekends. And show around 5-10 US shows each week (this week it's 4). Why RandS were chosen is a mystery to me.

Although they were shown at a very bad time (18:30) they got an ok publicity and luckily weren't dragged into the whole Beavis+Butthead, The Program stupidity.

The shows were shown complete, without (as usual) commercials and in Stereo. (Editor's Note: Maybe I should move to get uncut episodes? :)

It is not certain that season 2 will be shown here since tv-stations often buy shows only for one season and then move onto the next show.

Editor's Note: Jon keeps a listing of episodes for Iceland in the R&S encyclopedia. Unfortunately, during my previous month's downloading, I have lost the Iceland info. beyond this. Jon, can you please email me a new copy? (FYI: I ask here since my emails have been going unanswered.)

G. Other Nations, Countries, and Uncharted Regions Of Space

Dozens of other countries have or will be getting R&S. Please e-mail the times, places, and other relevant information if you want your country (especially United Kingdom) added to this section. (And no, home video airings don't count :)

Here's a short list of rumored countries which I need info.:
Sweden, Japan (I've seen a translated version), Germany, China, Norway, and Finland.

One person e-mailed me asking "Can I do an airing list?" I told them to please make it clear and consise, use my numbering scheme (confusion is minimized by using standardization between continents), and if they want me to add it to the R&S Encyclopedia, please follow a nice format (use mine as an example if you wish).

All countries are appreciated!! John K. will soon get to see this section, so please, let him know you are watching!!

**Note To Country Episode Keepers**: Please e-mail your new lists when they are ready, and please continue using the R&S Encyclopedia numbering system. Good job on your work and thank you for your continuing support!