10. What is the title of the one that spoofs "Wild Kingdom"

This is a point of controversy. The titles read "A Cartoon / Written by Jim Smith & John K. / Storyboards by Jim Smith / Directed by John K. / Untamed World".

Some believe it is titled simply "Untamed World" under the theory that the first thing you see doesn't have to be the title. It would have been awkward to put the credits after "Untamed World" because of how the action goes. It would have been similarly awkward to start off with "Written by". "A Cartoon" was thus simply used to intro the credits.

Some believe that since "A Cartoon" is capitalized and appears by itself that it must be a title, and call it "A Cartoon" or "A Cartoon: Untamed World".

Official word from Spumco has reached the author (from jeffy@athena.mit.edu) that Spumco folk internally referred to it as "Nature Show".

In one of the new cartoons, a sequel named "Untamed World 2: Lair Of The Lummox" may prove the name to be "Untamed World." Keep your VCRs ready, folks, because they are getting close to airing this one soon.

The R&S Comics use the title "Untamed World" for their aquatic adventure (with Mr. Sea Horse:).