Televinken is a suite of perl scripts capable of fetching, storing and presenting tv listings. Some people who enjoy Swedish television and MythTV (or MyHTPC) use only the fetching part to get listing data in the XMLTV format.

The presentation part is implemented as a set of cgi applications, and has some neat features:

There are several presentation scripts; A table, a horisontal table, a long list, as an RSS feed etc.



In the CVS for now:

Installation instructions

Short version: Unpack into /var/www/. Verify all paths. Run Run a cgi script and verify that they output html. Get yourself a web server. Smile.

Longer version:Installation under Debian


I have gathered some developer documentation if you want to modify or extend parts of televinken.


Plenty. To name one, the documentation sucks.


Anders Lindahl <>