F i l m

I spend much of my spare time watching films! I like many different genres, but I try to avoid with care anything with war, maffia or meaningless violence/blood. However, I'm not totally strict, movies like Braindead are disgusting but also loads of fun. Since 1998 july I've seen 111 movies (till 1999-05-29) in the movies on video or on tv.

Alkholic beverages are availiable in the cafes and can in most cinemas be brought into the saloon directly as served, including the glasses. I'd not like to clean theses places since there is quite a bit of crushed glasses around, but still it is a nice convienency for a swede ;).
Tobias Lundgren is a friend who recently started making his homepage, he is more film-fanatic than I am. I just enjoy movies, but he started writing public reviews of the movies (in swedish).

Weekly Listing
I create a weekly listing of the movies and where and when they go, titles are hyperlinked to IMDB.

Amsterdam is where I live -- as you alread guessed. A big city is often a kind of guarantee that there exists a large and widely varied movie scene. That is also the case of Amsterdam. However, it is not a Berlin, and it does not have a film-festival of its own, that's up to Rotterdam.

Movies can be seen in a number of movie theaters, a few of which is more likely than others to starr "good" movies: Kriterion, The Movies, Desmet (not any more), De Balie, Filmmuseum and sometimes Cinecenter. For action and mainstream american movies there is Tuschinski and City, as big as the movies they show. In these places, if you're luck you might sit behind people smelling bad, talking, walking out for a pee in the middle of the movie, answering their mobile phone during the movie so that everyone hears.